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How to Prepare for Bankruptcy – Orlando Bankruptcy Lawyers

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    Step 1 – Be absolutely honest. This cannot be stressed enough. Do not provide and inaccurate or dishonest information. You are required to provide complete and accurate information about all of your assets, debts, income &expenses.. This is a criminal offense. If you knowingly misrepresent your information, or hide your assets, may be subject to criminal prosecution.

    File your Income Tax Returns. File your income tax returns, at is is crucial in determining your eligibility for bankruptcy. If you do not, it may hinder your chances of filing.

    Do not Introduce New Debt. This should go without saying.

    Do not Transfer Assets. Once again, be as honest as possible. While the bankruptcy schedules ask that you provide information on assets that you own (or will own) at the time of filing bankruptcy, do not be tempted to sell, transfer for safekeeping, or hide assets before filing bankruptcy. If you do, you might be denied a discharge and even be subject to criminal penalties.

    Do not Ignore Collections

    Consult a Bankruptcy Attorney to help you figure out your next steps you need to take before filing for bankruptcy. The Law Firm of Anderson and Ferrin are experiences Bankruptcy Lawyers and can help. We can Call for a Free Consultation today.

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