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Should You Declare Bankruptcy?

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    If you see yourself in a financial hole that you can’t seem to get out of… if your house is in foreclosure or you are behind on your mortgage… if your accounts are being garnished for past debts and liabilities… if you are being sued by creditors… if you are living pay check to pay check because most of your income is going to paying your credit cards or worse you are living off your credit cards, you may want consider filing bankruptcy, or at the very least sit down with one of our Orlando Bankruptcy attorneys for a free consultation to discuss your options.

    Ordinary people face financial crisis’s every day. For some individuals, financial issues arise from irresponsible spending, but for most it is due to some unforeseen or unplanned event that turns their worlds upside down. Loss of employment, bad investments, stock market fluctuations, decline in the real estate market, sudden death of a loved one, and illness are just some examples of events that can cause even the most educated and financially savvy individuals to face a financial crisis. 

    Many people try to avoid dealing with their financial issues and only start taking steps to attempt to fix the problem in the eleventh hour when the situation is at its worst. Many people do everything in their power to avoid filing bankruptcy when a bankruptcy may be the best if not the only way to get you finances back on track. We have seen numerous cases where individuals spend their retirement and life savings trying to keep things afloat not knowing that if they would have come to see us before doing so, many times those individuals could have saved their retirement and life savings and taken care of the issues they were facing all the same by filing a bankruptcy. 

    There are many misconceptions out there regarding bankruptcy. Many believe that by filing one your financial life is over, your credit will be ruined forever, you will lose everything you own, and you will never recover. These assumptions couldn’t be farther from the truth.

    Bankruptcy is a financial tool that allows individuals to either discharge their debts by filing a chapter 7 in most cases, or reorganize their debts and restructure their payments by filing a chapter 13.

    Whether its credit card debt holding you back, medical bills that have become overwhelming, or you are trying to save your home from foreclosure a bankruptcy may be the answer you are looking for.

    Every individual has a different situation and the Orlando Bankrupt attorneys at the law offices of Anderson and Ferrin Attorneys at Law we will sit down with you one on one and review your financial position in detail to determine the best options for you and your family. Whether filing bankruptcy is best or if there are ways to avoid filing Michael Ferrin and Victoria Anderson are eager to help.

    When you sit down with our Orlando Bankruptcy attorneys for your free consultation we will analyze the types of debts that you owe, the amounts that are owed, the goals you want to achieve from filing, your income sources and expenses, and the different bankruptcy options that are available to you, We will tailor a detailed plan to move forward and get you and your family back on track financially.

    Over the years Michael and Victoria have saved countless homes from foreclosure, alleviated families from crushing medial and credit card debt, and provided their clients with the ability to take control of the financial futures.