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Parental Alienation

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    Parental Alienation does happen.  It can happen to either Mom or Dad. Unfortunately, when parents separate whether married or not and minor children are involved sometimes one parent will act in a way that is not best for the child.  Sometimes, that parent will do things that will in fact constitute parental alienation.  With that said, sometimes will believe the other parent is committing parental alienation when they are not.  There are ways to detect it and things one can do about it if it is in fact happening.

    Here are some criteria that one should look for to attempt to determine if parental alienation is happening:

    1. Access and Contact Blocking of child. Is one parent actively attempting to block access or contact of the child to the other parent? Is a parent accusing the other parent of poor parental judgment and that the parent is unable to care for the child? Is a parent accusing the other parent of child abuse of some type? Is one parent acting like they are superior to the other parent?
    2. Unfounded Abuse Allegations by one parent. Have there been false or unfounded accusations of abuse from one parent? Have these false or unfounded accusations been used in an attempt to limit or terminate time sharing with a parent?
    3. Deterioration in Relationship since Separation with child. Did one parent have a positive or healthy relationship with the child before the parents separated and now since separation that parent/child relationship decline?
    4. Intense Fear Reaction by Child(ren). Does it appear that the child has an obvious fear of displeasing the alienating parent?

    If you believe parental alienation is happening there are things you can do.  Please contact Orlando Family Law Attorneys, Michael Ferrin and Victoria Anderson to help you immediately.  The longer you wait the worse it will be.  There are things that can be done to help your situation such as requesting a social investigation, Guardian ad Litem or possibly a psychological evaluation of the child and parties.

    Please contact our the Orlando Family Law Attorneys of Anderson & Ferrin at 407-412-7041 today.