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Lawyers for Drug Offenses in Orlando, Florida

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    A Drug Offense refers to the use, possession or sale of any illegal drug or intoxicating substance. Many drug offenses are felonies and are becoming increasingly harsh.

    The implications for Drug Offense charges can be quite severe. There are a number of factors that may influence the severity of the charge, such as:

    • Quantity
    • Intent to sell or evidence of sales
    • Drug Classification
    • Weapons Possession

    …and more.

    It is a common defense to challenge the search and seizure of the police when the drugs were found. If proper steps to protect the 4th Amendment rights of the possessor were violated, then the court will dispose of the drugs. There are other ways to ensure that your rights are protected, and the attorneys of the Law Firm of Anderson and Ferrin have years of experience dealing with drug cases such as possession of controlled substances, prescription drugs, marijuana, cocaine and more. We thoroughly examine all the facts and guide and advise you on your rights.


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