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Loan Modification Lawyers – Attorneys in Orlando, Florida

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    Avoiding Foreclosure is a possibility, even far into loan default. A Loan Modification is a way to for homeowners to avoid foreclosure and keep their homes, and a lender’s response to the buyer’s inability to pay their home loan.

    There are various Loan Modification options available:

    • Home Affordable Modification Program
    • Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan
    • Homeownership Preservation Loans

    Not only is working with an experienced attorney advised, but it may very well hasten the process and provide you with the best options available for avoiding foreclosure and keeping your home. One of the best steps to take is to start now. Loan Modifications were once reserved for homeowners already in default. However, it is also possible to start the Loan Modification process before going into default. The Law Firm of Anderson and Ferrin has worked with countless foreclosure cases, and are well equipped with the expertise required to assist you and your family.


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