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Divorce Lawyers in Orlando, Florida

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    Divorce Attorneys, Orlando, Florida

    When a marriage ends, it is likely to be an extremely emotionally trying time for all parties involved. The Divorce Process is rarely a simple one. It is highly advised in any matter that the parties involved seek legal help from experienced lawyers. There are two types of divorce: contested and uncontested. It is important to know the difference between the two to ensure that the nullification of a marriage occurs as fairly for all parties involved as possible.

    Contested Divorce

    Contested Divorces generally require more time, money and external decision-making sources. A Contested Divorce is necessary when both parties are not in total agreement of the terms of the nullification of the marriage and find that they are unable to compromise. This is when external intervention is required in the form of lawyers and other experts. Issues that may be contested in a divorce may be child support, child custody, alimony and more.

    Uncontested Divorce

    It is generally preferred to pursue an uncontested divorce, as they are generally less time-consuming and less expensive. If both parties involved in the marriage agree on key issues such as child support, child custody and property division, only then can uncontested divorce be an option. Uncontested divorce is only an option if both parties are in agreement with all issues such as child support, custody, and division of property.

    Regardless of the type of divorce,  Orlando Divorce Attorneys, Victoria Anderson and Michael Ferrin, and the staff at the Law Firm of Anderson and Ferrin are seasoned and qualified to handle any family law issue that you may encounter.

    Divorce & Family Law Attorneys in Orlando, Florida

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