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Hiring the Right Divorce or Family Law Lawyer in the Orlando, Florida area

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    How do you pick and hire the right divorce or family law attorney in the Orlando, Florida area?

    It is extremely important when you find yourself in need of hiring a divorce or family law attorney that you do your research first. You can start by looking them up online and reviewing their website. We recommend that you pick someone that you are comfortable with because that is the person that you are trusting to speak on your behalf at hearings and in front of the Judge.  There are many attorneys that offer free consultations so we would recommend you speak with a couple to determine who you are most comfortable with.

    Some things to keep in mind when you are speaking with an attorney:

    1. How long have they been practicing?
    2. Do they handle cases that are like yours?
    3. What do they charge?
    4. Who would be working on your case?

    A lot of times, we have someone say they want someone aggressive.  Please remember that in this area of law, you want someone that is educated and experienced.  You want someone that knows when to be aggressive.  Far to many times, we have seen attorneys be over aggressive at the expense of their client.  You want an attorney that knows when to an issue is one that should be fought or not.  You want an attorney that is honest with you even if it may not be what you want to hear.  If you have an attorney that just tells you what you want to hear or is overly aggressive it can cause substantial harm to your case and cost you a significant amount of unnecessary fees.

    We understand that these are usually emotion and sensitive topics as they relate to ones child. That is why you want to make sure that you hire the right attorney for you and your case.  We also recommend you set an appointment to meet with the attorney in person, if possible.  If not, you want to make sure you at least speak with them over the telephone.

    If you have more questions regarding a Orlando divorce, you may contact Michael Ferrin, Esquire or Victoria Anderson, Esquire of Anderson & Ferrin, Attorney at Law, P.A. at 407-412-7041 to set an initial consultation.

    This article is for informational purposes only. It does not form an attorney client privilege.