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Orlando, Florida Wills and Estates Attorneys

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    Florida Family Law Attorneys, Wills and Estate Lawyers

    It is becoming increasingly important to ensure that your assets are divided according to your wishes upon your death. Estate planning ensures the tireless delegation of your assets after your death. It can help reduce or eliminate tax liabilities and protect the ownership and continuation of family businesses. Without secure estate planning, there could be serious consequences that could cost you financially and lead to rifts between family members.

    Types of Wills are:

    Wills: Wills are documents that assist in distributing your assets as per your wishes.

    Living Wills: (“Advance Directive”)  Living wills give your family clear direction on your treatment and end life wishes. Often times the decisions your loved ones can be forced to make, can haunt them and make them wonder if they made the right decision. A Will can spare your family members much pain and uncertainty by informing them of exactly what your wishes are taking the unknown out of the equation.

    Power of Attorney (POA): This is a written, legally binding document delegating the “attorney-in-fact” to act on your behalf. POAs can be efficient and helpful especially when family members are faced with dealing with financial transactions of a loved one.

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