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Tips for Building Credit After Bankruptcy – Orlando Bankruptcy Lawyers

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    The Law Firm of Anderson and Ferrin care even after assisting with a successful bankruptcy filing. Once you’ve filed for bankruptcy, here are a few tips on how you can rebuild your credit.


    • Apply for credit (within reason) Obtain A few Credit Cards and pay them off every month. Make small purchases on your credits and pay them off on a monthly basis.
    • Review your credit report – Know what you need to fix before trying to fix it.
    • Dispute erroneous discrepancies on your credit report
    • Pay bills on time. This is a given.
    • Apply for a loan in the future (that you can manage)
    • Beware of credit repair services.
    • Finance Companies are to be Avoided.
    • Budget for your Essentials. It goes without saying that there are needs and there are wants. Needs including shelter, food (excluding dining out), transportation and medical expenses. In the internet age, some many find having internet and cable necessary. Stick to what is absolutely necessary.


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